"I have been running the Home Test Suite and find the instrument very
useful for measuring test strips. I not only get the benefit of an unbiased read of the strip in any light source, but I also get recommendations of chemical additions for my spa without referring to additional documentation. The instrument and software are easy to use and reliable."

Dr. Jeremy Hammond - Gorham Maine

Home Test Lab Suite and CLA-101 Strip Reader Home Test Lab Suite Add-Ons Home Test Lab Suite Test Strips

The Home Test Lab Suite (HTL) is the revolutionary way for you to monitor your environment and health right at home without the need for expensive laboratory tests and long wait times.

What does Home Test Lab Test?
From the privacy and security of your own home you can test (click for details):

How does it work?
HTL uses a state of the art patent pending optical system that measures the amount of color change that occurs in our patented test strips.  Each test strip can test up to 4 different parameters with results in seconds.  Simply dip the test strip in your liquid sample, insert the strip in to the CLA-101, and click 'Begin' in the HTL software.  Your results will be given to you in seconds.  You can have customized reports printed out, track your test results over time, and add-on additional testing functions whenever you want.

All you need is a PC with Windows 98 or better operating system, and a free USB port.  The Home Test Lab suite includes the HTL Software, 1 CLA-101 Test Strip Reader, and the test function of your choice. 






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