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3/31/2008: Lullhaven Research LLC - Press Release

Windham, ME – March 31, 2008 - Lullhaven Research LLC announced today that it has begun sales of a new product that allows people to monitor aspects of their environment that can affect their health.  The “Home Test Lab Suite” is a small desktop instrument that connects to any PC, and by using laboratory-approved test strips can measure, track, and analyze chemicals that are present in water sources around the house. - Read full release here


3/5/2008: Lullhaven Research LLC presents at Angel Investment Forum of Florida

Matthew Duplisea CEO of Lullhaven Research visited the Angel Investment Forum of Florida in Stuart Florida today to present the Home Test Lab business plan to perspective investors.

Read the write-up by Richard Hall of Martin County's Photo Journal here: AIFFL.HTML

Learn More about the Angel Investment Forum of Florida here: www.aiffl.org


2/26/2008:  New online store opens. 

To better serve you we have created a new online store with more features than previously offered.  Shop with confidence with the security features added, and create your own profile so you can view previous orders.  click on 'Online Store' to check out the new products and expanded catalog.


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