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Lullhaven Research LLC announces the launch of the Home Test Lab Suite - environmental and personal health monitoring system

 Windham, ME – March 31, 2008 - Lullhaven Research LLC announced today that it has begun sales of a new product that allows people to monitor aspects of their environment that can affect their health.  The “Home Test Lab Suite” is a small desktop instrument that connects to any PC, and by using laboratory-approved test strips can measure, track, and analyze chemicals that are present in water sources around the house.

 The patent pending system can be used to analyze and balance pools and spas, monitor the water quality in aquariums, and measure the materials and parameters found in drinking water.  Additional functions will also include determining the levels of chemical contaminations and nutrient levels in soil, and monitor key aspects of an individual’s health.

 The Home Test Lab Suite is the brainchild of Matthew Duplisea, the owner and CEO of Lullhaven Research.  Mr. Duplisea has spent over 10 years developing instrumentation that is used in environmental monitoring, health diagnostics, and homeland security.  He created Lullhaven Research LLC to bring many of the technologies that have been developed for high-end laboratories to the consumer at a fraction of the price. 

 “It is very important to know how friendly the environment we live in is, and the Home Test Lab Suite is the first product out there that gives us the power to see how the environment is impacting the health of our families.”  Mr. Duplisea stated.

The Home Test Lab Suite is a revolutionary product that makes monitoring the environment around you quick and easy.  In four simple steps you can know the quality of the water in your life in minutes a day.

The Home Test Lab Suite can be used for:

Purchases for the Home Test Lab Suite can be made on their website at More information can be found on the website including imagery and technical information about the product.